Does the Age at Which I Get Braces Affect the Success of Treatment?

The mechanical process used to move teeth is the same at any age. So the benefits of orthodontic treatments are available to both children and adults who wish to improve their appearance and bite. The main differences between treatments in adults and children is that certain corrections in adults may require more than braces alone and the treatments may take longer because adult bones are no longer growing, therefore we must work with the jaw development that you have. But in term of the success of the treatment , it’s the same despite of the age differences. The benefits of wearing braces are that your teeth become healthier and you smile looks beautiful. Different treatment options will have unique sets of treatment goals. Success is determined by how well these goals are achieved.

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  1. Hi Flo,I think if you really do enjoy being a dteanl nurse you need to do whatever you can to overcome your fear of vomit!!In all my years as a dteanl nurse I think I’ve only ever seen two patients be sick and that was young children having their first ever alginate impressions, and nothing whatsoever to do with aspirating!!When you aspirate you need to be confident, it’s a massive part of the job. Try not to put the suction tube too far back in any patients mouth! Usually if the tooth being treated is on the side closest to you, positioning the aspirator tip buccally is sufficient. If the tooth being treated is on the side of the mouth furthest from you, place the aspirator tube either lingually for lowers and palatally for uppers. A good tip if you have a patient who gags easily is to place the aspirator either buccally (if possible) or resting on an existing tooth ensuring you dont touch their tongue .basically avoid their soft tissues if possible.Practice makes perfect! You will eventually learn to become quite skilled at aspirating but while you are learning try not to worry about patients being sick, some may gag but it is highly unlikely they will actually vomit.Perhaps you could look into some sort of treatment to help combat your fear hypnosis or anything else which may help you, obviously this phobia could hold you back if not dealt with, so its definitely worth finding some treatment which could work for you!I hope this helps answer your question,Katy.

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